The African Bible

A Bible with a study-guide for prayer, reflection and sharing enriched with introductions, notes, comments, cross-references and illustrations.

A Bible for personal reading and study, to be used in Small Christian Communities, teaching, preaching, catechesis and prayer within the family and school.

Biblical text of "The New American Bible" 2176 pages, size: 21x15 cm, hardbound

Price: R90.00

The Cross motif used on the cover of this Bible is based on metal crosses made by Philip Makuei, of the village of Jalé in Bor area, southern Sudan. In 1993 Philip began to have a vision of Christ on the cross. The vision was with him day and night and affected him so deeply that he gave up drinking alcohol, smoking and making drums for use when beer was brewed. The unceasing vision made him fearful.

One day searching for metal to use in his craft of mending canoes, he discovered that the gas tank of the Mig fighter which had crashed nearby provided metal that could be easily worked. As he began to make crosses like the one in his vision, the vision disappeared and he began to know great joy and peace.

The area had experienced bombing from such Migs as the one Philip used for his crosses. Some people have seen in the cross the representation of four Mig fighters colliding - the emblems of death being transformed into the emblem of life.

(Quoted from page 2176 of The African Bible)

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This page is actually not an advertisement, but a homage to the artist Philip Makuei and his work of art and it is a revelation to the author of this page, that an artist has a vision of the Maltese Cross in an African shield, which is the emblem of the South African Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta, the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. The eight-pointed Maltese Cross has always been a symbol of aid all over the world for more than 900 years since the foundation of the Order of Malta. The fact that the artist "began to know great joy and peace" as he "began to make crosses like the one in his vision" being the Maltese Cross in an African shield appears like a call to further inculturate the Charisma and Spirituality of the Order of Malta in Africa.

The Maltese cross symbolises with its eight points the eight beatitudes of Christ's Sermon on the mount (Matt 5.3-10):

  1. Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor.
  2. Happy are those who mourn.
  3. Happy are the meek.
  4. Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires.
  5. Happy are those who are merciful to others.
  6. Happy are the pure in heart.
  7. Happy are those who work for peace among men.
  8. Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires.

The shield symbolises the readiness to safeguard faith and fight against evil by means of the above mentioned beatitudes. The African shape of the shield symbolises Africa.

Maybe, Philip Makuei got into contact with the Maltese Cross through the Relief Work of the German Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta, the Malteser-Hilfsdienst, whose Foreign Service works in several projects in the South Sudan.

Father Gérard Lagleder O.S.B.

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