Naomichi Numata wrote to us on 26 September 2005:

"I am pleased to report that the emblem of Kasukabe High School in Japan uses "Maltese Cross", which High School I graduated from, and is located in Kasukabe-city, 50km north of Tokyo,
Kasukabe High School was founded in 1899 by Saitama Prefectural Government as its 4th High School. So, this is one of the oldest high school in the region.
According to the historical notes on the 100 years anniversary book of Kasukabe High School, because the Maltese Cross has such meaning of self defence and dedicated work, it was decided to use it to represent Kasukabe High School as its emblem.
Also, the emblem represent the meaning of 4th High School in the Prefecture, with four direction of the cross.
I visited Malta in August this year, and felt so happy to find the same Maltese Cross flag as my High School at Fort St. Angelo.

Naomichi Numata"

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The Maltese Cross

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